Dry cleaning

Each car is its own kind of cleaning. Sometimes you need to wash the body and mats, to do a comprehensive cleaning of the cabin, but for the fact that the car was not only clean on the outside, but inside, need chemical treatment. It is made using special tools and equipment that can make clean not only the surface of the fiber or leather, but also deeper layers of the seat upholstery, ceiling, walls.

A few tips to help You decide how to apply the cleaning in Your car:

It is desirable to carry out chemical cleaning of the salon at least once in six months . because dirt tends to accumulate, and to deal with it becomes more difficult.

The optimal time for cleaning winter . when in the cabin will not appear dust, which may be summer or spring.

The processing panel is glossy and Matt: it depends on the specific model of the machine, and, of course, from the tastes of the owner

When taking care of leather interior will need to use special conditioning. When the car is new, the recommended frequency of this procedure once a month, this increases the elasticity of the coating, the skin becomes more resistant.


When we buy a new car, it makes us happy shiny surface, but over time, after exposure to changes of temperature, precipitation and detergents car loses its luster. How to fix it?

For this purpose different types of surface protection car:

Autolock . This is the most simple, quick and inexpensive way to save coverage, it lasts for awhile, and water and dirt repellent properties are flushed through 2-4 cleaning!

Manual polishing . Using this method of coating is achieved not only external effect, but also protect surfaces from small cracks, and given the dust – and water-repellent properties.

Mechanical polishing . Effectively fights with deeper scratches, if they never touched the ground. However, such polishing can be applied not more than two times. It also can’t be used on cars of domestic production.

If the damage is more serious, there are chips, it is possible to tint them under color of the car, so that they were almost invisible.

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