Renault Logan MT

Renault Logan is a classic family sedan, which is reflected in its design. Well-defined wheel arches, the tense lines of the side surfaces of the body, acupressure relief hood – everything speaks of the strength and quality of the car. Monoblock dashboard allows you to minimize the number of joints and hinged parts that increase the durability of the machine. Car Renault Logan is the Best offer for those looking for budget car rental.

the hire and rental

Main features

Transmission: manual

Type body: sedan

Air conditioning: there is

Receiver: there is

Color: silver


Drive: FWD

Interior: cloth

Fuel: petrol

The cost of renting a car Renault Logan MT in Moscow without driver

Fare conditions:

* The rental price includes: 1) preparation of vehicle, fuel, driver services; 2) delivery of the vehicle to the place of beginning of the lease; 3) the expectation of the client within 15 minutes at the meeting in the city; within 30 minutes at the train station; within 1 hour

* In the rental price does not include: 1) paid Parking; 2) additional waiting time of a customer in the place of the beginning of the lease; 3) placing Luggage in the car; 4) transportation of animals in the vehicle; 5) delivery of Luggage to the car.

The calculation of the cost of the lease:

* The maximum time of use of the transfer service from Moscow to the Airport”, “Airport Moscow” – 3 hours, then charged at the rate of “rent with crew, for 1 hour.

* If you need to meet few people and deliver them to the Airport before boarding last passenger paid the fare “rent with crew, for 1 hour, then the cost of the transfer service from Moscow to the Airport”.

* Meeting at the Airport a few people with the need to breed them in various locations, the rate of “Airport Moscow” plus “tariff rent with crew, for 1 hour after the landing of the first passenger.

* When traveling outside the MKAD Tariff rent with crew, in 1 hour” plus “Tariff For 1 km outside the Moscow ring road”. When traveling in one direction paid double rate.

* When traveling to the airport and back pay rate “airport Moscow-Airport + Parking + wait (1 minute) + rate of transfer from Moscow Airport.

* When calculating travel time service is rounded to the nearest whole hour in a big way.

* When servicing from 21.00 to 09-00 to order cost plus 20%.

* The client’s refusal to meet at the Airport after submission there and is paid from the settlement amount: the minimum order value 3 hour + plus Parking fees + payment timeout 1 minute.

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