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The production of cars in Britain reached a record
The production of cars in Britain reached a record The production of cars in the UK last month grew by 21%, which was the highest growth since July 2012, against the background of recovery of…


Roof racks
Manufacturer: OJ (Orange Jeep) Available: There are Durable expedition trunk for UAZ 2206/452 and modifications. Expedition roof racks for UAZ, as the name implies, is useful primarily during long journeys. On expediciones for UAZ is…


Tinted car
Tinting car Windows today is not a special procedure. Not so long ago it was quite rare and only a few could boast tinted glasses of his ‘iron friend.  After the adoption of the law…


Buying cars


“Car of the year” KIA Sportage with the benefit of up to 90 000 rubles!

Compact crossover Kia Sportage, best in class, according to the results of the national award “car of the year 2013 * available in June on extremely favourable terms!**

Only until June 30, when buying a KIA Sportage from official dealers of KIA’s Your benefit can be up to 90 000**!

*Annual national Award “car of the year 2013.  By popular vote compact crossover KIA Sportage became the winner in the class ’Light sport utility vehicles.  Read more

**Benefits up to 90 000 rubles granted in the period 1 to 30 June 2014 when buying a car Kia Sportage Assembly Premium under the following conditions:

KIA Sportage Premium sold under the Trade-in program. Car trade-in trade-in by the client must be KIA.

70 000 — benefits until June 30, 2014 for the new Kia Sportage Assembly Premium 2013 release.

20 000 — the benefit to the Kia Sportage on the Trade-in program (the client returns the car brand Kia).

Profit on gasoline picking Classic, Comfort, Luxe — 50 000 rubles, Prestige, Premium — 70 000 RUB Profit on all diesel equipment — 70 000 RUB